Scott Lincicome will be your tour guide through the often-impenetrable world of federal economic policy.
The Dispatch Weekly
From Rachael Larimore, managing editor of The Dispatch, comes our Saturday morning roundup of work we’ve produced over the preceding week. While we think all of our stuff is worth reading, think of this as a best-of-the-best to help you catch up.
The Morning Dispatch
An essential daily news roundup, TMD includes a brief look at important stories of the day and original reporting and analysis from The Dispatch team, along with recommendations for deeper reading and some much-needed humor in these often fraught times.
The French Press
The French Press is a newsletter published four times per week by David French, author, attorney, and Iraq veteran. French writes about law, politics, faith, culture, and the superiority of DC over Marvel.
The G-File
Jonah Goldberg’s “news” letter built around his deep understanding of American history, his passion for conservative ideas and his, um, unique sensibility, it’s a must-read every Friday – and now with additional mid-week mini G-Files for members only.
The Sweep
The Sweep will cover the final 100 days of the 2020 presidential race, providing insight into strategy and mechanics of political campaigns with some behind-the-scenes flavor along the way.
Vital Interests
Once each week, Thomas Joscelyn, who is sought out by the nation’s top foreign policy and national security policymakers, sends a deeply researched but highly readable analysis of American power on the world stage.
The Dispatch Fact Check
With the frantic pace of the news-cycle and the ever-increasing flow of dubious information, we look carefully at claims from elected officials, reports from the media, and disinformation on social media to help you understand what’s true and what's not.