The Remnant
Hosted by editor-in-chief Jonah Goldberg, the twice-weekly, hourlong podcast features one-on-one interviews. Jonah pushes his guests beyond talking points and platitudes to engage in deep, thoughtful, conversations about a variety of topics.
The Dispatch Podcast
Hosted by Sarah Isgur—with a roundtable featuring David French, Jonah Goldberg and Steve Hayes—The Dispatch Podcast is a weekly discussion of news and current events that sets aside the trivial and the mundane in favor of substantive conversation.
Advisory Opinions
Hosted by Sarah Isgur and David French, two well-read and highly approachable Harvard Law graduates who discuss law, culture, religion, and society in a sober and elevated manner.
The Hangover
The Hangover with Chris Stirewalt is a limited-run seven-episode podcast that aims to explain what went wrong in 2020 for the GOP and how it got that way.
Good Faith
A podcast on faith and its intersection with politics, culture, and law.