Maskgate at the Supreme CourtListen now | On today’s podcast, David and Sarah break down "Maskgate," the claim that Justice Neil Gorsuch refused to show basic courtesy to Justice…
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Plus: The Dems fail to kill the filibuster, Bernie Sanders is overrated, and there’s trouble at Del Boca Vista.
Plus: Senate Republicans side with Mitch McConnell in Trump feud
In seeking to free Aafia Siddiqui, the synagogue hostage taker reminds us that the terror group began as a prison movement.
The president failed to pass Build Back Better, but he still spent plenty.
The president has been relatively tough on China but has been unwilling to adequately confront Russia, Iran, and international terrorism.
We can’t know what he would believe today, even as others use his words to advance their own causes.
Biden at One YearListen now | A year ago, almost to the day, Joe Biden was sworn in as president of the United States. The gang looks back at a year full of shifts to…
Dear Capitolisters, As you’ve probably seen, the Biden administration and various Democratic politicians have pivoted from pretending that inflation is…
Plus: The collapse of Boris Johnson's popularity across the pond.
It distorts our politics and our policies.