A quick look back and an early look forward to 2021, 2022, and a hint of 2024.
Sarah Isgur
Cabinet hearings, Republican repositioning, and—at some point—an impeachment trial.
Haley Byrd Wilt
Plus: A closer look at an undemocratic election in Uganda.
The Dispatch Staff
Alejandro Mayorkas brings experience, but senators should revisit his 2013 confirmation hearings to be deputy secretary.
Dan Lips
Plus: Russia's unconscionable arrest of opposition leader Alexei Navalny.
The Dispatch Staff
Can the U.S. hold the Kremlin accountable for recent poisonings on foreign soil?
Jamie Fly and Tim Morrison
It's a combination of a lengthy approval process, the choice to rely on a 'diversified portfolio' of vaccines, and a concession to a French vaccine tha…
Dalibor Rohac
Understanding the role of shame/honor culture in the roots of Christian rage.
David French
The aftermath of the Capitol assault, Trump's second impeachment, and Biden's opening policy moves.
Rachael Larimore
Her novel Mrs. Dalloway has a message that resonates today.
Nicolaus Mills
The time for hoping that someone else will deal with the pathology of Trumpism is long past.
The Dispatch Staff
Scarcity of LacrimosityListen now (61 min) | On this weekend’s Ruminant, Jonah discusses how the essence of conservatism in all its variety has been distilled down to a singl…
Jonah Goldberg