The Fight Over Critical Race TheoryListen now | The critical race theory battle has quickly invaded school boards all across the country - but is everyone arguing in bad faith? The gang …
Sarah Isgur
This time around, we’re talking about people who actually know nothing.
Jonah Goldberg
Her cause of death has not been confirmed, and there is currently no proof to suggest it was tied to the vaccine.
Alec Dent
U.S. law and regulation are littered with attempts to ‘fix’ problems caused by other government policies.
Scott Lincicome
Instead of banning ideas, litigate against discrimination.
David French
Plus: The fruits of NATO's Monday summit.
The Dispatch Staff
We’re not competing with Russia for moral leadership.
Jonah Goldberg
An early look at the 2022 Senate race in North Carolina.
Price St. Clair
On Things HebraicListen now | Recorded in anticipation of the change of government that Israel has undergone, Jonah brought back one of his oldest friends Tevi Troy, no…
Jonah Goldberg
Alec Dent
Parsing the polling on how many Republicans actually believe Trump could be reinstated, and what we should expect in New York's mayoral race next week.
Sarah Isgur and Chris Stirewalt
Viral posts are using outdated information.
Alec Dent