The politicization of everything continues apace, to our peril.
The claim is misleading.
S.E. Cupp on Moderation and Social MediaListen now (47 min) | On today’s episode, CNN’s S.E. Cupp joins Sarah and Steve to talk about the Biden administration, Congress, and why extremism is …
Plus: Will raising the cap on Hill salaries help fight congressional brain drain, or just hurt staff at the bottom of the ladder?
Plus: Should those who have already had COVID have to comply with Biden's forthcoming OSHA vaccination standard?
The Dispatch Staff
Those who have had COVID-19 and recovered still stand to benefit personally from vaccination. That doesn't mean they present a 'grave danger' to others…
Biden may usher in a new era in which we won’t really have an Iran policy at all.
Plus, how an obscure Cold War crisis can help explain the Mark Milley call.
Australia is on the frontlines in the great power rivalry between the CCP and the U.S.
Ponnuru’s BrainListen now (74 min) | Remnant fan favorite and National Review stalwart Ramesh Ponnuru returns today for a thorough discussion of the jurisprudence of …
Plus: U.S. gymnasts who were molested by former team doctor Larry Nassar testify before Congress about the institutional failures that abetted their ab…
The Dispatch Staff
The administration insists the two are enemies, but that is a misunderstanding of the divisions between Sunnis and Shiites.