The left thinks celebrating the demise of the white majority is high-minded and normal, while lamenting it is the lowest form of racism.
Its emerging populism undermines American interests and its own achievements.
If hypocrisy were helium, everyone would have a funny voice and some people would just float away.
It’s ‘never admit fault.’
The time for a 'winsome, missional, and gospel-centered' approach has not passed.
How serious is the leak? Will it cause a political earthquake? And more.
Plus: Did Texas just break the internet?
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Abortion is not a great issue for Democrats, so he is trying to warn that the leaked Alito opinion threatens other rights.
Plus: What’s the deal with monkeypox?
If Roe is overturned, the path to ending abortion doesn’t include prosecuting moms.
Plus: U.S. troops to return to Somalia after most left in late 2020.
Too often, our leaders take the easy way out and do nothing except cater to their most committed voters.