Plus, an update on election security.
The Dispatch Staff
Public health officials ramp up their efforts to encourage flu vaccinations.
Andrew Egger
Reducing what’s happening in the Middle East to a pro-Trump or anti-Trump narrative is myopic.
Jonah Goldberg
The virtual learning experience has been an unbearable struggle for many students and families.
Ryan Hooper
The Owner's Manual of This UnionListen now (90 min) | After reflecting on the best and worst parts of our country’s founding document for Constitution Day, David and Sarah dive into A…
David French and Sarah Isgur
As the confusion eases and we gain more knowledge, it’s time to return to the constitutional order.
David French
Fighting for Lost CausesListen now (71 min) | “We need to agree that the Senate doesn’t work,” Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse tells Jonah on today’s episode of The Remnant. “The Foun…
Jonah Goldberg
Let’s go to the videotape.
Alec Dent
Plus, the politicization of public health issues.
The Dispatch Staff
Do we want it to be transformed into 'migration,' where inflated promises, smugglers, and troubled homelands will encourage more people to seek alleged…
Ayaan Hirsi Ali
As the president clashes with the CDC director, Americans are growing skeptical of the safety of the vaccine.
Andrew Egger
There is reason for skepticism.
Matthew Kroenig