Time for a third party? Plus, why the Nordic model wouldn’t work here, where the missing workers are, and why we’re out of time on Iran.
The longtime Princeton professor reflects on his journey from Morgantown to Princeton and the state of academia.
A review of 'The Last Duel'.
Square EyesListen now (81 min) | On today’s Ruminant, a predictably sleep-deprived Jonah is haunted by distant memories of his time in Prague and the alluring res…
Can the GOP survive Trump’s never-ending obsession with himself?
A tale of two speeches.
Former Congressmen Burn Down the HouseListen now (65 min) | Former Rep. Dan Lipinski, Democrat from the Chicago area, and Reid Ribble, Republican from Wisconsin, join Sarah and Steve about …
Plus: The Heritage Foundation announces Kevin Roberts as its new president.
The Dispatch Staff
There are plenty of job openings, but not enough takers.
The Curious Case of Jailing ChildrenListen now | On today’s episode, we get a Supreme Court update from Sarah and not one but two entire Ted Talks from David. They cover a very obscure (y…
Mutually Assured DerangementListen now (103 min) | In light of the reaction to his call for anti-Trump conservatives to form a third party, Jonah invites Michael Brendan Dougherty…
It’s time to start thinking hard about a new conservative party.