Plus, the investigation into the Capitol riots, a warning for Biden on Iran, and more.
Rachael Larimore
Why are so many white Evangelicals reluctant to consider the health of their community?
David French
Indoor Beach ChairsListen now (100 min) | This weekend’s edition of the Ruminant is a little bit like Christopher Hitchens’ D.C. apartment: a little bit of one thing righ…
Jonah Goldberg
A new documentary catalogs her rise to fame.
Audrey Fahlberg
The film rings true for many who have dealt with poverty and addiction, but it doesn’t quite feel comfortable in its milieu.
Hannah Long
The Once and Future RightListen now (57 min) | The Dispatch’s associate editor and Morning Dispatch guru Declan Garvey joins Sarah to ask Oren Cass what his mission is with Ame…
Sarah Isgur
Blogging changed the media business for the worse, and the devolution continues.
Jonah Goldberg
Plus: The upper chamber prepares to consider police reform legislation again.
Haley Byrd Wilt and Andrew Egger
Primaries: What Are They Good For?Listen now (73 min) | Elaine Kamarck of the Brookings Institution joins us for the first time. She and Jonah stray from pure rank punditry to instead d…
Jonah Goldberg
Plus: A bellwether voting-law case currently before the Supreme Court.
The Dispatch Staff
What the side effects are like, what could keep you from getting a shot, and what about those variants?
Akino Yamashita
CDC Director Rochelle Walensky and Joe Biden. (Photograph by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) In our increasingly secular age, being on the side of scien…
Jonah Goldberg