Fact Checking More Claims About the 2020 Election in Wisconsin

In a viral Facebook video, Ivory Hecker—a former Fox 26 Houston reporter—has made a number of false claims about the Wisconsin 2020 presidential election. 

In the video, which has garnered almost 80,000 views on Facebook, Hecker claims “Wisconsin had an active voter turnout of 93.7 percent” in 2020, whereas “normally” turnout is “up to 60 percent.” 

But researchers say Hecker is making apples-to-orange comparisons with voter turnout data by failing to distinguish between active voter turnout and overall voter turnout.

In an email to The Dispatch Fact Check Hecker noted that the viral Facebook video is a teaser for her “full coverage” on YouTube. The video’s details come from “the IT expert who testified before the Wisconsin state legislature on 12/8/21.” Hecker explained that during that hearing “the IT expert explains 93.7% of ACTIVE voters cast ballots.” She added: “Also in the testimony he explains that if you do the math by including all Wisconsinites of voting age including those who aren’t registered, you can get the turnout number of 72%.”

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