What Trump Meant By ‘Make Your Voices Heard’

The president of the United States incited a mob. It was a disgraceful, inexcusable, impeachable act. 

Donald Trump’s defenders offer any number of excuses in order to shave off the shame. The media didn’t condemn riots last summer by left-wing groups, and therefore this was inevitable or just desserts or something.

Others simply spread more lies. The people waving Trump flags and shouting “Fight for Trump” who ransacked the U.S. Capitol were actually members of Antifa, they claim with no evidence. Some even argue that most of the intruders were peaceful tourists who simply didn’t realize that bum-rushing the police and breaking down doors isn’t how you visit the Capitol.

It’s an insult to our collective intelligence. But there is one argument worth engaging: Trump supporters just want to be “heard.” 

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