Harvest Prude

Harvest Prude is a reporter at The Dispatch and is based in Alexandria, Virginia. Prior to joining the company in 2021, she reported on national politics for WORLD Magazine. When Harvest is not covering Congress, immigration, or the courts for The Dispatch, she is probably curled up with a novel, longboarding around her neighborhood, or scrambling an egg.

Harvest Prude

Shutdown Incoming

Breaking down lawmakers’ options for breaking the stalemate.

Squeezing the Speaker

Why a small minority has such power over Kevin McCarthy.

Kevin McCarthy’s Historically Bad Week

Plus: Washington welcomes Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Sort of.

Will Kevin McCarthy Fight Back?

It’s unclear whether the speaker has the votes to push a stopgap spending measure, but the endgame for House hardliners is even foggier.

The Impeachment Drumbeat

Plus: The House and Senate deal with shutdown drama.

How Serious Is the Threat to Kevin McCarthy’s Speakership?

The speaker announced an impeachment inquiry Tuesday while trying to appease his critics on government spending. Will it work?

Constant Arrivals

New York City is feeling the strain from the migrant crisis, leaving faith groups to fill the gaps.

Congress Heads Toward a September Scramble

The gap between the House and Senate spending plans grows as the end of the fiscal year approaches.

The New School Closures

Despite getting millions in pandemic aid, not all schools are equipped to stay open.

Donald Trump’s New Immigration Proposals, Explained

The former president plans even more strict crackdowns on illegal and legal immigration if he takes the White House again.