Scott Lincicome

Scott Lincicome is the author of Capitolism, Vice President of General Economics and Trade at the Cato Institute, and a visiting lecturer at Duke University Law School.

Scott Lincicome

The UAW (and Bidenomics) vs. Economic Reality

How policy fuels a needless conflict that may have no long-term winners.

The Farm Bill Is a Case Study in What’s Wrong With Washington

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I, Nacho

Economics for toddlers.

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Spoiler: almost everything.

Trump’s Global Tariff Idea Is Obviously Terrible. Biden Helped Make It Possible.

The president has fought to maintain his predecessor’s policies.

The Chains That Bind Us

A new paper shows that big retailers and restaurants boost interactions between rich and poor Americans.

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Good ol’ supply and demand still apply.

Everything You Think You Know About ‘Offshoring’ Is (Probably) Wrong

It can boost American capacity, jobs, and—most importantly—innovation.

Merger Madness

New guidelines from the Justice Department and FTC seek to revive discredited legal doctrines.

Natcons, Freecons, and the Centrality of the State

Dueling manifestos present two very different visions for America—and its government.