Bill Wirtz

Bill Wirtz

Will Poland’s Showdown With the EU Be the Next Brexit?

The Polish government, long a headache for Brussels, debates whether it needs to treat EU law as binding.

Europe Has Its Own Vaccine Mandate Woes

Protests have broken out in France, Germany, and Italy as countries lean into vaccine passports.

Europe’s Climate Continental Divide

The EU tries to present a united front, but there is a significant infrastructure difference between East and West.

The EU Is Missing a Chance to Address Its Problems With Turkey

The belligerent state remains unresponsive to Europe's coffee-and-croissants diplomacy.

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How Vaccine Passports Contribute to Global Inequality

An EU plan would likely cut off travel from developing nations where vaccine distribution is lagging or nonexistent.

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Police Violence—and an Unpopular New Bill—Spark French Protests

A proposed law would give law enforcement expanded access to surveillance video while limiting citizens’ ability to film police.

Biden Has an Opportunity to Improve Trade With Europe

The Europeans killed a potential deal during the Obama years, but the world is a different place now.

How ‘Corona Apps’ Threaten Our Privacy

Surveillance apps might help contain coronavirus. But they are prone to inaccuracy and can create a false sense of security.

Hungary Is on the Brink of Institutional Authoritarianism

How coronavirus is bringing out the worst in some leaders.

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Coronavirus Threatens European Unity

Countries are closing their borders, and Brussels is facing a crisis.