Cliff Smith

Cliff Smith

Cheney’s Choice

She has opted to do her job, rather than just have her job. That matters.

Seyed Hossein Mousavian: Regime Exile or Tehran’s Man in America?

Mousavian came to the U.S. in 2009 and advised Obama on the nuclear deal. He claims to be a moderate but his musings contain subtle threats of violence

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Is the Ceasefire in Yemen a Gain for Iran?

Anything that helps the mullahs is unlikely to lead to peace.

How Tribalism Keeps People From Conceding Reality

It’s a both-sides problems, and we’re worse off for it.

With ‘Friends’ Like These …

Turkey, Pakistan, and Qatar are working to reshape the entire Middle East.

The Abraham Accords Offer a Path to Palestinian Advancement

The signatories benefited once they acknowledged Israel’s right to exist.

Joe Manchin Is Right: Reform the Filibuster

Congress, intended to be the most important body of government, is less relevant as real policy is made by administrative rules

Mike Pence and the ‘Snape Option’

The former vice president was at times insincere, and he suffered through various indignities. And then came January 6.