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Editor in chief & co-founder of The Dispatch and Remnant podcast host. A scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, an L.A. Times columnist, CNN commentator, and author of three NYT bestsellers. Goldberg worked at National Review for two decades.

Jonah Goldberg

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the January 6 Committee

The hearings are making news, and there's plenty of value in that.

Truth and Consequences

Chris Stirewalt, America’s favorite rodeo expert, is back on the Remnant to provide an inside ...

Enter Sandworm

What started off as meandering close to Jonah and Rep. Mike Gallagher’s recent half-baked extravaganza ...

Kiss and Tell

Weird, overlong, and predictably devoid of substance, the drive-time Remnant format returns for another broadcast. ...

Inconvenient Truths

Why Tucker Carlson ignored the January 6 hearing.

The Disappearing Act

It’s been a while since a recovering Marxist joined the Remnant, but Ruy Teixeira, political ...

A Cable News Special ‘News’Letter

Statistics and demagoguery on CNN, and why the January 6 hearings won’t be on Fox News.

The Stuffed Crust Rises

Armed with a smorgasbord of booze, Jonah reunites with Rep. Mike Gallagher for another half-baked ...

Note to Democrats: Don’t Use the January 6 Hearings for Partisan Purposes

Now is not the time, for example, to try to abolish the Electoral College.

High Tension

Jonah plunges into the danger zone on today’s Ruminant, covering topics ranging from the somber ...