Jonah Goldberg

Editor in chief & co-founder of The Dispatch and Remnant podcast host. A scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, an L.A. Times columnist, CNN commentator, and author of three NYT bestsellers. Goldberg worked at National Review for two decades.

Jonah Goldberg

Season’s Groanings

More satire, less journalism.

Something Short of Tragic

Figures like Donald Trump reap the rewards for pursuing vice over virtue.

The Real Donald Trump

The 45th president has made himself the saddest figure in politics.

The Rant Before Christmas

When a country turns evil.

Shoulda, Coulda, Oughta

Our elected officials would rather complain about problems than solve them.

The Year of the Exhausted Majority

Steve makes enemies with sci-fi fans.

Merry Christmas, Ms. Gavora

Jonah gets giggly.

Getting Stuck on ‘Stupid’

The language police are out of control.

  • World

Authoritarianism’s Bad Year

Putin bungled his war with Ukraine, and China and Iran contended with massive protests.

What’d I Miss?

The narcissism of small differences.