Ryan Brown

Ryan Brown is a Community Manager for The Dispatch. He previously served as a researcher and production assistant for Meet the Press

Ryan Brown

Drive-Time Ruminant 10: Verklempt and Loving It

Donald Trump, Whoopi Goldberg, Young Frankenstein, and dentistry – all unrelated in ordinary circumstances, but ...

Electoral Count Act Reform Gains Steam

A bipartisan group of senators sees an opportunity to clarify the 135-year-old act.

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A review of Mitch Albom's 'The Stranger in the Lifeboat.'

Taking Stock of Congressional Rules on Investing

Bipartisan efforts to limit trading individual stocks have met resistance from leadership.

Raise the Roof—Or Raze It?

As Congress seeks to raise the debt ceiling some are wondering: Why have the debt limit at all?

Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

The Dispatch staff (and friends) share their favorite underrated Christmas songs and why they deserve your attention.

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