Ryan Brown

Ryan Brown is a Community Manager for The Dispatch. He previously served as a researcher and production assistant for Meet the Press

Ryan Brown

‘I Want to Win. Because When You Win, You Get to Govern.’

A Dispatch interview with Chris Christie.

Build Back Better Passes House

What’s in a committee assignment anyway? And what happened to Rep. Paul Gosar?

The House Takes Up the Build Back Better Act

If it passes, it might take weeks for the Senate to consider it.

We’re Still Reading the Build Back Better Act for You

Up today: Health care and housing provisions.

Drive-Time Ruminant 7: Enter the Metaverse

The drive-time Remnant format returns today for a deep dive into the horrors of social ...

Lawmakers Urge Boost in Uyghur Refugee Admissions

The State Department stopped providing aggregate data on refugees’ religions last year.

Facebook’s Timely Rebrand

Founder Mark Zuckerberg is focused on the future, but the company is still reckoning with its recent past.

The Sweep: Down to the Wire in Virginia

Plus: an update on the GOP Senate primary in Pennsylvania.

Negotiations Continue on Democrats’ Spending Package

Sen. Joe Manchin wants the bill to cost no more than $1.5 trillion.