Liberty’s Most Formative Friendships of the 20th Century

A review of ‘Freedom’s Furies’ by Timothy Sandefur.

The Most Important Thing You Read Today

It’s about diversity training, and it’s not by me.

The Strangeness of Psychotic Jew-Hatred

Antisemitism remains astonishingly common, especially in its less feverish expression.

The End of History 

The solution to our natural biases is a broad, inclusive, and honest study of the past.

Fairfax County Fairness?

Virginia’s attorney general says in a Dispatch interview he's investigating high schools that withheld National Merit award information from students.

Deep Questions Raised, No Answers Provided

A review of Mohsin Hamid’s ‘The Last White Man.’

Blasphemy in Minnesota

Art and the heckler’s veto.

Two Snaps and Three Cheers for Netflix’s ‘Wednesday’

A smart plot and sublime protagonist make it a must-watch.

The Novel of The Twentieth Century

‘The Leopard’ at 65.

The Best English Novel of 2022?

A review of the Booker Prize-winning 'The Seven Moons of Maali Almeida.'

Hamline Takes Quashing Academic Freedom to a Whole New Level

The college has fired an art history professor for showing students a painting depicting the Prophet Mohammed.

Bob Woodson: Civil Rights Champion and Critic

Ahead of retirement, the veteran activist says he still believes solutions to poverty come from communities themselves.

Reason’s Pope

The intellectual legacy of Benedict XVI will long outlive him.

December at the Movies

Reviews of this month's biggest film releases.

A Blemish On ‘The Beautiful Game’

A modest proposal to improve the World Cup.

Who Can Say When the Evening Ends and the Night Begins?

On celebrating the New Year.