The Problem Is Us, Not Our Technologies

We were conquered by electronic media before we started carrying computers in our pockets.

Against the Demolition of the American Spirit

The new revolutionaries fabricate the case for American failure.

A Simple Solution to Major League Baseball’s Problems

Good on MLB for at long last taking steps to address what ails it. But the treatments it has prescribed only address the symptoms.

The Rise and Fall of the Lincoln Project

A review of Showtime's Lincoln Project documentary.

The Dispatch Monthly Mailbag with Rachael Larimore

How she likes working remotely, tips on being a boy mom, what beer she likes the best (and the worst), and more.

It’s Never ‘Just a Joke’

And Social Darwinism is just plain ugly.

How Hypocrisy Drives Unbelief

What happens when religion is reduced to a moral code.

Crack, Bowie, Crack

‘Moonage Daydream,’ a new documentary about music’s great chameleon, is alternately enervating and exhilarating.

Book Review: ‘Cloud Cuckoo Land’ by Anthony Doerr

The Pulitzer Prize-winning author has produced a beautifully written, well-paced, thought-provoking novel.

How Mike Ditka Changed Football Forever

The birth of the modern NFL tight end.

Hold Your Horses

A defense of preserving the status quo.

How Shall I Sing the Lord’s Song in a Strange Land?

Trying to Root for the Cleveland ... Guardians.

The Return of the B-Movie that Transcends

A review of ‘Dead for a Dollar.’

The Soft Smollett

Blaming society at large is an easy—and unfair—excuse for an embarrassing creative failure.

In Defense of Sports Fandom

It’s a healthy outlet for our passions and antipathies.

Man’s Best Friend

Lessons in Loyalty from Greyfriars Bobby.