Our Best Stuff from the Week Donald Trump Got Arraigned. Again.

Plus, the RNC’s got more than a few problems, and Chris Christie sits down with The Dispatch.

Critical Trump Theory

Many on the right have embraced the idea that the system is rigged against the former president.

How Long Does DeSantis Have?

The clock is ticking on Trump’s most plausible challenger.

Failure to Launch?

Republican candidates for 2024 struggle to respond to Trump’s indictment.

Pence Confronts Trump

Plus: Republicans see a chance to knock off Maine’s Rep. Jared Golden.

The Third-Party Paradox

An independent choice has never been more appealing. Or more dangerous.

Federal Reserve Pauses Rate Hikes

Plus: A rare staff editorial.

The Republican National Committee’s 2024 Playbook

GOP advocates are pushing candidates to focus on mail-in voting, abortion messaging, and independent voters.

The GOP’s Trump Choice

Defending him is morally reprehensible—and a political liability.

Reason and the Mob

Trump rivals can’t capitalize on his indictment.

Why Trump’s GOP Rivals Aren’t Piling On

Plus: Inside the RNC’s post-2022 midterms autopsy.

Former President Arraigned (Again)

Plus: Lawmakers weigh intelligence collection reform.

Republican Senators Split on DOJ’s Trump Indictment

While some dismiss the charges out of hand, others focus on the gravity of the allegations without weighing in on their merit.

Judge Aileen Cannon and the Trump Criminal Case, Explained

The federal district court judge who appointed a ‘special master’ in Trump v. USA is now set to preside over USA v. Trump.

‘But Her Emails’ Is Not the Defense of Trump His Supporters Would Like It to Be

When the government falls short of its standards, that doesn’t mean we should get rid of standards.

A Little Bit Pregnant

Why bother with tepid criticism of Trump’s documents scandal?