Pennsylvania Primary Hints at What Trump ’24 Might Look Like

He wouldn’t be the unpredictable insurgent like 2016.

Get Ready for a Bumpy Ride if Roe Is Overturned

It would return to the matter to the democratic process, but it will take a while to unwind our polarization over abortion.

Video: More on Roe v. Wade

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Pennsylvania Gets a Trump Shot in the Arm

Dr. Oz Mehmet inches ahead of David McCormick in the state’s GOP Senate primary.

In Defense of Norms and Institutions

When we act like we are living through an apocalypse, we risk denigrating the very institutions that can guide us through crises.

Trump Did Not Invent Awful Republican Primaries

A reminder that the former president is a product of the party’s dysfunction.

David Perdue’s Campaign Hustle

A Trump endorsement and a mad-dash across Georgia haven’t kept the Republican afloat in the race for governor.

Arizona: the Epicenter of 2020 Election Misinformation

State and federal officials have continually pushed debunked stolen election theories.

Leave Twitter to the Dogs

Twitter once offered a correction to the mainstream media’s control over the narrative. Now Twitter is the narrative.

Ohio’s Wild Primary Comes to a Close

Donald Trump’s endorsement and late bumps in the polls turned the race upside down in its final weeks.

Little Kaisers, Left and Right

Both nationalists and populists are interested in ‘gold-plated news only.’

Video: Dispatch Live: More of ‘The Right’ with Matthew Continetti

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Ohio’s Map-Making Merry-Go-Round

The Buckeye State is stuck in a Sisyphean cycle of court fights over gerrymandered maps, despite past reform.

McCarthy’s Problems Long Predate Trump

He’s also in hock to the Freedom Caucus.

It’s Past Time for Conservatives to Reject Conspiracy Theories

Believing that the election was stolen, that vaccines are dangerous, and that the U.S. is lying about developing bioweapons in Ukraine have damaged the movement.

J.D. Vance Hopes for a Boost After Trump Endorsement

Ohio’s Republican candidates for Senate scramble to the May 3 finish line now that the former president has made his pick.