What the Spanish Civil War Can Teach Us About Ukraine

A forgotten John McCain tribute to Delmer Berg resonates today as reminder of the value in acting on our ideals.

Biden Returns Empty-Handed From the Middle East

The president failed to secure more oil from the Saudis and made little progress on Israeli-Palestinan relations or anything else.

Biden’s Misleading Parallel Between Syria and Afghanistan

He says the killing of ISIS leader Maher al Agal in Syria shows that over-the-horizon counterterror works, but it ignores key differences between the two countries.

The Morning Dispatch: What’s Keeping Brittney Griner in Russia

Russia has hinted it wants a detainee swap to release the WNBA superstar, but U.S. officials are leery of the terms.

Snake Island: The Start of Ukraine’s Counteroffensive?

Ukraine has reclaimed the island with the help of NATO weaponry.

Vladimir Putin Plays the ‘Globalism’ Card

His latest speech is an attempt to court right-wing populists in the West.

The Hidden Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Campaign

What happens when the firms handling environmental, social, and governance ratings are themselves biased?

Emmanuel Macron Likely to Lurch Left

Following parliamentary elections, the French president's new political coalition gives him only one option for getting work done.

The Hopes for a New Middle East

The Abraham Accords have reforged relations in the Middle East, which Joe Biden will see up close for the first time as president this week.

Boris Johnson: a British Nixon

Johnson’s failure wasn’t Nixonian in its seriousness, but as with the 37th U.S. president, the cover-up was what brought him down.

What’s Behind Dmitry Medvedev’s Nuclear Saber-Rattling?

The former Russian president is threatening the West over calls for an international tribunal over the invasion of Ukraine.

The Man Who Would Change the Middle East

A reformed Saudi Arabia with strong U.S. support would help block Iranian regional hegemony and derail the Islamic Republic’s nuclear ambitions.

It’s The End of Boris Johnson—Just Don’t Envy His Successor

The unorthodox leader is responsible for his own undoing and the predicament British Conservatives find themselves in.

The Impossible Choices for Pakistan’s Afghan Refugees

Refugees fleeing the Taliban turn to their neighbor but find little hope.

Mystery Cargo

Senior Iranian and Venezuelan officials are traveling around the world on a cargo plane. Argentina detained them. But what are they up to?

Promising Signs From the NATO Summit

Russia’s aggression has prompted a formal Strategic Concept that is light years beyond what could have been agreed to even a year ago.