Russia, Iran Escalate in Syria

New reports detail a coordinated effort to target U.S. troops and allies.

Weapon of Mass Destruction

The Nova Kakhovka dam explosion and ‘ecocide’ in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Counteroffensive Might Be Here

Plus: Will RFK Jr. prove to be a thorn in Joe Biden’s side?

Clashes in Kosovo

The U.S. rebuffs a longtime ally as tensions run high in the Balkans.

A U.S.-China Thaw in the Making?

Plus: The Texas House votes to impeach state Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Pakistan’s Political Crisis, Explained

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s arrest sparked violence and uncertainty about the country’s political future.

International Outrage over Uganda’s Anti-Gay Law

Critics oppose the African country’s crackdown on homosexuality on both moral and practical grounds.

The Burial of the Dead

Ukrainians keep up the fight against Russia in the hope that future generations won’t have to.

Recep Tayipp Erdoğan Notches Another Victory

Turkey’s longest-serving leader cements his nationalist rule.

Erdoğan’s Impending Victory and Turkey’s Future Course

The country is likely to stay on its increasingly authoritarian trajectory and remain an unreliable NATO ally.

The Mysterious Battle of Belgorod, Explained

Groups of armed Russian exiles are bringing the fight to their home country.

Leaders Focused on Russia, China at G7 Summit

Plus: Biden administration reverses course on F-16 jets to Ukraine.

A City—and a Warlord—Under Siege

How the fight for Bakhmut became the venue for a Russian power struggle.

Zelensky’s European Tour

With U.S. military aid on the verge of drying up, Ukrainians look elsewhere to shore up their defenses.

The Arab League’s Misguided Faith in Bashar al-Assad

The organization has lifted his suspension based on promises he’s unlikely to keep.

A Rat, Cornered

Russia’s war machine might be breaking down.