How a Second Trump Term Could Destroy NATO

Withdrawing support from Ukraine would start a chain reaction.

Ain’t No Party Like a Camp David Party

Biden hosts leaders of Japan and South Korea in the face of threats from China and North Korea.

Biden’s Camp David Moment

South Korea and Japan set aside historical differences to address a rising China.

Incentivizing More Iranian Terrorism

Analysts say $6 billion the U.S. is sending to Iran won’t just underwrite humanitarian expenses.

A Special Counsel for Hunter

Plus: Breaking down the Biden administration’s prisoner swap with Iran.

Italy Spurns China’s Belt and Road

Rome’s prospective pullout from the infrastructure project signals a European shift away from Beijing.

Checking In on Ukraine’s Counteroffensive

“I don’t want to say that this is the last chance that Ukraine has to make progress, but it might be one of the last ones.”

Chinese and Russian Naval Patrol Nears Alaskan Coast

‘It seems obvious to me that Xi Jinping is preparing his country for war.’

Niger’s Coup Threatens to Spark Wider Violence

The junta consolidates power while its neighbors weigh their next steps.

Pakistan’s Self-Made Jihadist Crisis

Years of playing footsie with the Taliban has fed the country’s current insurgent violence.

A Bombing in Pakistan

Plus: The Navy’s submarine shortage.

A Coup in Niger

The new junta puts the U.S. and France in a difficult position.

Ukraine’s Stalled Counteroffensive, Explained 

Efforts to reclaim occupied territory have faced early setbacks, but Ukraine is focused on the long term.

South Africa Looks East

The important U.S. trading partner tries to toe the line between Washington and Moscow.

U.S. Reservists to Boost NATO

Plus: Biden administration blocks Wuhan lab from further funding.

Russia’s Withdrawal From Ukraine Grain Deal Threatens Millions

Food shortages are likely if agricultural goods can't get out of the Black Sea.