Pakistan at the Polls

With the leading candidate in prison, Pakistanis vote in an election seemingly controlled by the country’s military.

Israel’s Northern Front Looms

Will Hezbollah bring about another Israel-Lebanon war?

U.S. Steps Up Offensive Against Iranian Proxies

Will the Biden administration’s latest actions be enough to deter attacks on U.S. troops and treasure?

Another National Security Crackdown in Hong Kong

Beijing solidifies its grip on the special administrative region.

Civil War Continues in Sudan

Peace remains a long way off as fighting in Sudan nears its 10th month.

Iran-Backed Forces Kill Three U.S. Soldiers

After the tragedy in Jordan, Biden considers his options.

Israel’s Citizen Soldiers

The large-scale deployment of reservists is felt on the homefront.

Ecuador’s State of Emergency

The South American nation wages war against the violent gangs wreaking havoc across the country.

Benjamin Netanyahu’s Looming Political Predicament

Can the career of Israel’s longest-serving prime minister survive this war?

We Can Still Help Afghanistan—By Letting the Taliban Collapse

Humanitarian aid isn’t preventing starvation or hardship, but it is propping up the regime.

Hitting the Houthis at Home

After months of attacks on commercial vessels in the Red Sea, the U.S. and U.K. strike Houthi targets in Yemen.

Taiwan Votes. China is Watching.

Cross-strait relations aren’t directly on the ballot, but the One China policy looms large.

Can Displaced Israelis Go Home Again?

If so, restoring a sense of security to communities near Gaza will be the biggest challenge.

The War in Gaza: Phase Three

Israeli officials announce a new strategy of precision strikes aimed at Hamas leadership.

Hamas Is Winning the Propaganda War

Let us not forget who is to blame for the current violence in Gaza.

Why the Islamic State Bombing in Iran Should Have Western Leaders Worried

The terrorist group has regrouped and adapted—and it’s trying to exploit regional tensions.