Imran Khan, Survivor

Pakistan’s former prime minister will recover from being shot in the leg, but how his country responds is another question: A Dispatch Explainer.

Even as the Tories Struggle, U.K.’s Labour Party Has Its Own Big Problems

Labour leader Keir Starmer is unpopular and must contend with divisions within his own party.

Another Israeli Election

Benjamin Netanyahu is set to return to power—along with some extremist allies.

Calling Putin’s Black Sea Bluff

Why did Russia’s president back down on his threat to resume blockading Ukrainian grain exports? A Dispatch Explainer.

Putin’s Dangerous Blend of Propaganda and Hypocrisy

If democracy is a corrupt ‘Western’ concept, why pretend what you’re doing is democratic?

A Global Hostage Crisis

How Washington tries to prevent international adversaries from using captive Americans as leverage: A Dispatch Explainer.

The Battle Between Brazil’s Familiar Faces

Voters in South America’s largest country face a stark choice in Sunday’s presidential election: A Dispatch Explainer.

The Kremlin and the ‘Dirty Bomb’

Plus: Some website updates we think you’ll like.

The Diabolical Logic of Nuclear Blackmail

Can Putin’s threats prevail even after his army has failed?

Xi Jinping Consolidates Power at Party Congress

The autocratic leader continues to fill top party roles with yes-men.

Are We Witnessing Another Iranian Revolution?

Protests calling for regime change persist, but would-be revolutionaries face a long and perilous road ahead: A Dispatch Explainer.

Can the U.S. Do More to Help Iranian Protesters?

Plus: U.K. Prime Minister Liz Truss resigned on Thursday, setting up a Conservative Party fight over who will replace her.

The Russia-Iran Axis

Deeper ties create risks for the West on battlefields far beyond Ukraine.

The Global Spillover Effects of the Fed’s Rate-Hiking Campaign

Plus: Announcing the location of the next Dispatch regional event.

Xi Jinping’s Mission Statement

The Chinese president defends his policy regime at his party’s National Congress ahead of an expected third term.

America’s New European Opportunity

New leaders in Italy and Sweden don’t see eye-to-eye with Biden on every issue, but they’re offering a distinctly pro-American foreign policy.