China Is a Problem. But We Don’t Need a New Cold War.

China is definitely an adversary, but it isn’t really an ideological competitor the way the Soviet Union was.

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Why the U.S. Is Hosting a Summit With Kosovo and Serbia

While the EU has mismanaged the relationship, Russia and China have taken advantage of the power vacuum.

An Historic Agreement. Will More Follow?

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Should We Be Worried About the Coronavirus Mutating?

A study looks at one mutation that might make it more transmissible. Overall, it appears that SARS-CoV-2 mutates less than influenza.

Explaining the Plight of China’s Uighurs

What the government calls 'educational training centers' seem a lot more like gulags.

No, We Shouldn’t Cancel Our Debt With China

The idea is gaining traction among some on the right, but it would create many problems and ultimately cost American taxpayers.

It’s Time the Markets Offload Rogue Foreign Companies

The Senate passes a measure that will delist companies with a history of non-compliance with U.S. regulations.

Sorry, Now Is Not the Time to Lift Sanctions on Iran

The Islamic Republic has access to global food and pharmaceutical markets, and the U.S. offer of help was rebuffed.

Coronavirus Threatens European Unity

Countries are closing their borders, and Brussels is facing a crisis.