The Taliban’s Gender Apartheid Regime

Two decades of advances for women have disappeared in 13 months.

Pop Goes the Weasel?

Putin definitely, probably, maybe won’t use nukes. I think.

The Spiritual Lessons of a Christian Nationalist Military Defeat

Power corrupts, Christendom clashes with Christianity, and brutality isn’t strength.

Our Best Stuff From Another Big Week for Ukraine

An explosion takes out a portion of the bridge connecting Russia to Crimea.

A New NATO Heavyweight?

Poland’s importance in the alliance has grown as it increased military spending and deepened ties to neighboring Ukraine.

Making Turkey Choose

The NATO member tries to plays both sides in Russia’s war against Ukraine.

Our Best Stuff From a Week of Big Russia News

Putin threatens nuclear weapons, tries to annex Ukrainian land, and Russian forces make a retreat.

The Most Dangerous Moment Since the Cuban Missile Crisis

Nothing in the past 60 years has brought us to the brink of nuclear catastrophe. Putin is doing his best.

Conscription Fears Spark a Russian Exodus

Thousands of men fleeing the country undermine Vladimir Putin’s mobilization efforts.

The Falling Pound

The British currency is at an all-time low. Is Liz Truss’ fiscal policy to blame, or something else?

Forged Document Seeks to Diminish European Support for Ukraine

A phony report suggests the U.S. wanted war to create an economic crisis for Germany.

Monkey With a Hand Grenade

Russia can’t ‘do it again.’

Why Russia Is Using Iranian-Made Drones in Ukraine

Despite decades of sanctions, the Islamic Republic has developed a relatively sophisticated military drone program.

Iran After Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei

How the Islamic Republic’s 83-year-old ruler plans to cement his repressive legacy: a Dispatch Explainer.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Surprised by Ukraine’s Success

The Ukrainians have shown the value of sticking to one’s principles.

Queen Elizabeth and Power That Transcends Politics

Preserving virtuous institutions is its own noble purpose.