Israel Pares Back Judicial Reforms

Plus: Another swing and a miss by the FTC.

A Top Iran Envoy’s Suspension Raises Eyebrows

Lawmakers demand answers as the State Department remains silent on an FBI investigation into Rob Malley.

Czar Gazing

On Russia’s long history of authoritarian imperialism.

Surprise and Frustration at the NATO Summit

Turkey drops its opposition to Swedish accession, but Ukraine is left with uncertainty.

U.S. to Send Cluster Munitions to Ukraine

The transfer of the powerful but dangerous weaponry sparks controversy at home and abroad.

Yellen Seeks Economic Detente With China

‘We believe that the world is big enough for both of our countries to thrive.’

France on Fire

Plus: Western leaders struggle to figure out how to make Russia pay for its invasion of Ukraine.

The U.S. Still Looks for a Nuclear ‘Understanding’ with Iran

The latest effort to constrain the Islamic Republic’s enrichment program faces several hurdles.

China’s Designs on Latin America, Explained

The U.S. adversary sees opportunities in America’s traditional sphere of influence.

What About Marc Fogel?

A schoolteacher’s family wants answers from Washington two years after his arrest in Russia.

Emmanuel Macron’s Ukraine Charm Offensive

The French president’s change of heart on NATO membership seems cynical.

Russia After Rebellion

The U.S. hasn’t done enough to take advantage of the aftermath of the bizarre mutiny.

Vladimir Putin’s Crisis Averted—For Now

The Wagner Group’s move on Moscow may be over, but a Russian collapse could be on the horizon.

Video: The Short-Lived Russian Rebellion

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