Our Best Stuff From a Big Week for Ukraine

A surprise campaign in the country’s northeast has Russian forces retreating.

A Ruler Who Sought Not Greatness, But Goodness

With the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, the world lost a leader who embodied stability and decency.

A Surprising Turn of the Tide in Ukraine

While all eyes were on the counteroffensive to reclaim Kherson in the south, the Ukrainians have launched a second attack out of Kharkiv in the northeast.

Biden’s Truss Opportunity

The new U.K. prime minister could be a superb ally, but the president has to do his part.

Russia Is Using the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant as a Shield—and as a Weapon

The Kremlin is stoking fears of a nuclear disaster in an attempt to end European support of Ukraine.

Red China ‘Backs the Blue’

How the drone company DJI uses local cops in a political influence campaign against Congress.

How to Read Russian Reactions to Ukraine’s Kherson Counteroffensive

Pro-Putin commentators are calling it a feint or a ruse.

U.S.-Iran Negotiations Continue Even as Military Clashes Escalate

American diplomats are still pursuing a new nuclear agreement despite Iran’s aggression in the Middle East.

Turkey’s Latest Move to Undermine NATO

That it’s considering buying additional missile systems from Russia highlights continued challenges for the United States and its NATO allies.

The Morning Dispatch: OPEC Threatens to Tighten the Tap

And an impending Iran deal adds bonus uncertainty to oil markets.

Russia’s Claims of Western Fascism Are Straight Out of Its Soviet Past

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu compared the West to Nazis in a recent speech.

Questions Surround the Death of Daria Dugina

We should be wary of being drawn into stories of plots within plots and other intrigue.

Iran Targets Diplomats and Political Opponents—on U.S. Soil

In addition to threats against John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, the Islamic Republic has surveilled members of the think tank community.