Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping Stake Out a New World Order

Russia and China’s leaders claim to reject a ‘Cold War mentality’ while escalating their anti-Western rhetoric.

Italy’s Giorgia Meloni Is Defying Early Expectations

Her election prompted concerns about far-right tendencies, but she’s governed more like Thatcher than Orbán.

Vladimir Putin’s Meddling in the Balkans

Russia’s ‘hybrid occupation’ of Serbia threatens to derail its peace plan with Kosovo.

U.S. Getting More Serious About a TikTok Ban

Plus: Grand slams ⚾, Pong 🏓, and a March Madness update 🏀!

Why You Should Visit Iraq (Really)

Twenty years after the U.S.-led invasion, Americans still know far too little about this complicated country.

French Pension Reform Muscled Through

Facing potential defeat, Macron sidesteps the National Assembly.

American Submarines Headed Down Under

Plus: Last chance to enter the TMD March Madness pool!

China’s Middle East Power Play

A Beijing-brokered normalization deal between Iran and Saudi Arabia may lack staying power, but it signals China’s long-term strategy.

Exotic Fish and Russian Missiles

A small aquarium brings a bit of normalcy to those living near the frontlines.

After the Battle for Bakhmut

On the ground as Russian forces close in on a nearby town—and some weary locals refuse to leave.

The Japan-South Korea Thaw

In the face of threats from China and North Korea, can America’s East Asian allies find ways to cooperate despite a painful past?

The Rise of Xi Jinping’s China

Former National Security Adviser Stephen J. Hadley on the risk of competition turning into confrontation: A Dispatch Q&A.

The War on Poets

For tyrants, it’s not enough to just go after journalists.

COVID-19’s Origins Back Under the Microscope

“[Whether] this was a lab leak or not, it’s absolutely conceivable that the next epidemic could be started by a laboratory.”

Worrying Nuclear Reports Out of Iran

The Islamic Republic’s nuclear enrichment creeps toward weapons grade.