Israel Faces Renewed Calls for Hostage Negotiations

The IDF’s accidental killing of three hostages sparks protests in Tel Aviv, but Israeli leaders remain steadfast in their desire to see Hamas eliminated.

Zelensky Delivers His Wish List to Washington

The Ukrainian president makes a personal pitch for continued military aid.

A Civilian Is a Civilian

Many Gazan innocents have abhorrent ideas. That doesn’t make them morally legitimate—or strategically prudent—targets in war.

Venezuela Squeezes Guyana

Tensions are rising in the disputed Essequibo region, sparking regional unease.

The Abyss Beckons

A Palestinian’s reflection on escalating suffering, persistent support for Hamas, and aspirations for peace.

China Continues to Test U.S.-Philippine Relations

An update on the goings on in the South China Sea.

Israeli Civil Society Steps Up

Government officials look to civilian volunteer groups for help in the aftermath of October 7.

Kissinger’s Shadow Continues to Undermine U.S. Interests in South Asia

On India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, he was nearsighted when the country needed a visionary.

Crossing the Red Sea

Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthis attack commercial vessels and Western interests.

An Indian Murder-for-Hire Plot

Plus: Remembering Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.

Our Best Stuff on the War in Israel—And How It Might Affect the 2024 Election

Plus: ‘Sandwich shop monopolies’ and some thoughts on the Constitution.

Pax Kissinger

Remembering America’s most (in)famous diplomat.

Why Henry Kissinger Will Never Be Forgiven

He helped America win the fight against communism.

Qatar Sees Opportunity in Israel’s Hostage Crisis

The Gulf monarchy’s longtime links to Hamas make it a questionable, but perhaps vital, middleman.

A Day of Ire

What led to the largest riot in Ireland in decades.

A Weekend on the Edge

Plus: A look at the presidential election in Argentina.