Amnesty International’s Orwellian Turn

Its new report on Ukraine exposes how the group has subordinated human rights to its leaders’ leftist politics.

Winter Will Test the West’s Committment to Ukraine

If Europe can maintain sanctions when the temperatures turn to freezing, Russia will be flustered.

Understanding That Weakness Is Provocative Is Deterrence 101

Biden has canceled yet another test of our ICBM system so as not to cause more tension with China.

It’s Not Just Ukraine

How Putin is trying to destabilize the rest of Europe by meddling in Moldova, Georgia, and Bosnia.

Lawmakers Respond to Zawahiri Killing

Plus, the Senate will take another crack at a veteran health care bill.

Can Liz Truss Be the Next Margaret Thatcher?

The favorite to become the next prime minister has already drawn the ire of unions because of her labor market reform proposals.

A World of Our Own

What a book about the Middle Ages can teach us about our current era.

A Dream of a Free China

A walk through the 1989 Tiananmen Square protest with one of its student leaders.

Russia Created a Refugee Crisis, and Now Putin Is Weaponizing It

With Russia causing two migration crises—one by bloodshed in the east and the other by famine in the south—the United States must act now.

‘Ukraine as It Was Can’t Continue to Exist’

As its brutal invasion drags on, Russia targets Ukrainian identity and Ukrainians themselves.

Why North Korea’s Meddling in Ukraine Matters

The country has recognized the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Luhansk People’s Republic as independent states.

A Paradoxical Moment for the Middle East

While Iran is a looming danger, the Abraham Accords offer hope and promise.

What the Spanish Civil War Can Teach Us About Ukraine

A forgotten John McCain tribute to Delmer Berg resonates today as reminder of the value in acting on our ideals.

Biden Returns Empty-Handed From the Middle East

The president failed to secure more oil from the Saudis and made little progress on Israeli-Palestinan relations or anything else.