Monday Brief for 28 June 2021

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Tech Terms

WebShell (web·shell)A piece of code or a script that enables remote administration. While often used for legitimate administration purposes, it can also be used by malicious actors for remote control of internet-facing web servers.

Hyundai jumps into robotics — big time

What’s New: Hyundai Motor Group now owns a majority stake in the robotics juggernaught, Boston Dynamics.

Why This Matters: Boston Dynamics’ Atlas, Spot, and Stretch robots are blowing through the boundaries of what many robotistists believed was possible just a decade ago. Before reading on, watch the entire 2 minutes and 54 seconds of the video below and remember that these are not puppets, that these robots are not being remotely controlled (they are instead programmed), and that all of these movements are incredibly intricate and complex.

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