Sep 4, 2021 • 1HR 6M

Back to the Sewer

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Jonah’s sailed the seas and seen the world over, but everything always draws him back to good ol’ New York, New York. Still, although today’s Ruminant ends with a discussion of the Big Apple’s terrifying floods (which may or may not have dealt a blow to the local rodent population), it also covers the Supreme Court’s controversial abortion ruling, the pervasive myth that big corporations are right-wing, and “closet normals” in the GOP who pretend to hold crazy views. With shameless book-plugging, Jonah also digs into how the definitions of left and right in politics have changed over time. If you’re a loyal listener, stick around until the end for a proposition you won’t be able to refuse. 

Show Notes:

- David French breaks down the Texas abortion ruling

- Jonah’s previous ruminations on abortion

- Virginia’s late-term abortion bill

- Advisory Opinions takes a deep dive into abortion law

- Matt Continetti on the politics of abortion

- A disappointing August jobs report

- Richard Holbrooke’s damning diary

- The latest Dispatch Podcast on Afghanistan

- The Dispatch’s Afghanistan editorial

- The Remnant with Graeme Wood

- “Come home. America”

- Gabriel Kolko

- The Big Ripoff, by Tim Carney

- The pandemic’s effect on women in the workforce

- Ron Johnson says the quiet part loud

- Leatherhead’s revenge

- Someone call the Shredder