Mar 10, 2020 • 1HR 32M

Bad Boy Bahnsen

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Elizabeth Warren might be out of the running for the Democratic nomination, but that doesn’t mean that the most harmful parts of her agenda haven’t been assimilated into other Democrats’ platforms. David Bahnsen literally wrote the book on that bad agenda and asserts that the worst parts of it (i.e. an outright unconstitutional wealth tax) might still be coming down through a different nominee. David and Jonah also engage in some rank punditry, and they even ask the question that all the cool kids are asking: what’s the deal with Postmillennial Protestant eschatology?

Show Notes:

-David’s (somewhat ill-timed) book

-John Podhoretz’s (equally ill-timed) book

-Monday’s 2,000-point Dow drop

-Saudi Arabia and Russia’s oil price shenanigans

-Mohammed bin Salman behaving completely normally, for sure

-The role of smoking in COVID-19 vulnerability

-Charles Cooke’s great take on MSNBC’s math

-“Did we lose a war?”

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