Aug 4 • 1HR 4M

Cool Katz

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Back in the Remnant driver’s seat, Jonah invites newly minted AEI fellow Joshua Katz onto the program for a nerdtastic discussion of language and how free we are to use it. Inevitably, their conversation touches on Joshua’s departure from Princeton, cancel culture, and broader illiberalism in American life. But it also explores current issues in linguistics, how much we can really know about classical civilizations, and what “literally” actually means. Tune in to find out whether Socrates had it coming.

Show Notes:

- Joshua’s page at AEI

- Joshua: “Status and ‘Virtue’ at the Dalton School”

- Philology

- Socrates deserved it?

- Joshua on his departure from Princeton

- Joshua’s Declaration of Independence

- College essay prompts get absurd

- The latest issue of Sapir

- Adrian Goldsworthy’s Caesar: Life of a Colossus

- Barry Strauss’ The Spartacus War