Jun 1, 2021 • 1HR 28M

Critical Remnant Theory

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Has conservatism always been a grift? Not according to Jonah and today’s guest, the illustrious David French. The pair ascend through various levels of wonkery, beginning with an assessment of critical race theory’s philosophical origins and ending with an exploration of superhero morality. Along the way, they discuss First Amendment jurisprudence, crippling video game addictions, and the ongoing debate over whether Army of the Dead is actually worth watching. To learn if David is secretly a supreme being, however, you’ll have to tune in again next Tuesday … 

Show Notes:

- David’s French Press

- Advisory Opinions, for all of you who speak legalese

- David debates Christopher Rufo on critical race theory in public schools

- Jonah still disagrees with Joshua Tait

- Michael Flynn calls for a Myanmar-style coup in the U.S. Yes, really.

- Jonah on bridge-and-tunnel populism

- Last Friday’s G-File

- Jonah’s ancient disagreement with David on the zombie apocalypse