Jan 15 • 1HR 16M

Drive-Time Ruminant 9: Immigration Breakdown

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We’ll do it live! 2022’s first drive-time Remnant is here, and it’s predictably lacking in substance. With Guy and Ryan currently starring in their own production of The Odd Couple, Jonah invites them both into the Dispatch studio for a freewheeling discussion of vocabulary, D.C. geography, and movies ranging from The French Dispatch to Howard the Duck. There’s also plenty of serious punditry mixed in on America’s nightmarish immigration process, the awfulness of Biden’s Georgia speech, and the difficulty of finding purpose in modern society. Tune in and be led to glory!

Show Notes:

- Bill Buckley on the art of big words

- Advisory Opinions on the Supreme Court’s vaccine mandate dismissal

- Make my funk the P-Funk

- Bill Oakley’s fast food reviews

- The Remnant with Ross Douthat, featuring generous Don’t Look Up criticism

- The Remnant with Ryan Bourne

- “It’s not a comedy”

- Spider-Man: No Way Home reviewed in The Dispatch

- Howard the Duck and the evil of George Lucas

- The Wednesday G-File, released to the masses

- Tapper, Biden, and the Bull

- What’s the deal with fascism?