Aug 24 • 1HR 23M

His Boy Friday

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Chris Stirewalt makes his long-awaited 20th Remnant appearance today to discuss his new book, Broken News: Why the Media Rage Machine Divides America and How to Fight Back. It’s a giant-sized extravaganza of an episode, which covers the evolution of America’s major news networks, the need for journalism to be vocational rather than professional, and the nature of “fair and balanced” media coverage. Ultimately, Chris is keen to stress a particular point: Americanism is central to American journalism.

Show Notes:

- Chris’ new book, Broken News

- Chris previews Broken News in The Dispatch

- Yuval Levin’s The Fractured Republic

- Andrey Mir: “How the Media Polarized Us”

- William Raspberry: “In Praise of Hypocrisy”

- The New York Times on Chris’ book