Mar 31, 2021 • 1HR 5M

Infrastructure Push and Bumpy Roads

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President Biden introduced a massive $2 trillion infrastructure plan in Pittsburgh, and the gang is wondering what type of fight the GOP is going to put up against the bill. Steve asks, “You’d think this might be something Republicans would object to and fight pretty strongly. Are you getting the sense that Republicans will do that?” To hear everyone’s dejected response to that question, just hit the play button. Other topics discussed are whether or not vaccine passports are a good idea, the first rumblings of 2024 presidential politics, and, finally, religion in America and what the growing number of “nones” means for the country’s future.

Show Notes:

-The latest version of The Sweep (read the whole thing!)

-Politico polling on infrastructure plan

-Israel’s vaccine passport protocols

-Echelon Insights 2024 presidential polling

-U.S. church membership falls below majority for first time - Gallup