Aug 27, 2020 • 59M

It’s Kinda Feudal

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While it may be the middle of the week, there’s no law against Jonah recording Ruminant-style (i.e. alone) – at least not yet. He discusses the RNC – and invents the fun tongue-twister, “Ceaușescu-esque,” while doing so – the “Biden is a vessel for radicals” theory, and the economically confused obsession with Jeff Bezos.

Show Notes:

-Kimberly Guilfoyle’s speech is pretty meme-y

-Jonah’s spat with Erielle Davidson

-Remnant veteran Jim Pethokoukis talking about why Jeff Bezos is unironically great

-China’s post-Soviet “Princelings”

-Milton Friedman explains why you shouldn’t get to take inherited money away from children

-Jonah on Marx’s antisemitism

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