Mar 31, 2020 • 1HR 14M

Jim Geraghty, COVID Watchman

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In this episode, Jonah continues the great Remnant tradition of allowing senior National Review political correspondent Jim Geraghty to dispense genuinely unique and fascinating observations about current global issues. And what better time could there be for that than right now? During a moment in which even Americans’ feelings about a global health crisis break down along partisan lines rather than facts on the ground, Geraghty’s brand of succinct investigative reporting is a breath of fresh air.

Show Notes:

-Jim’s newsletter, The Morning Jolt

-Latest updates on the lies that China has told

-Tom Cotton talks about China re-closing movie theaters

-Shortage of chemical reagents required to make COVID tests

-Jonah’s column about Booker’s “moral imagination”

-“Good luck”

-Draft Cuomo 2020

-Yamiche Alcindor/Trump weirdness

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