Jun 11 • 1HR 7M

Kiss and Tell

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Weird, overlong, and predictably devoid of substance, the drive-time Remnant format returns for another broadcast. Although today’s program begins with analysis of the January 6 hearings, it swiftly takes a turn for the eclectically surreal, as Jonah describes his obsession with pharmaceutical fine print, Ryan ponders the greatness of American dining halls, and Guy provides an account of his visit to a Kiss convention (yes, really). Oh, and to prevent things from becoming too pointless and indulgent (yeah, right) a few thoughts are also sprinkled in on the weakening of institutions and our fragile culture.

Show Notes:

- The Dispatch breaks down the Jan 6 hearing

- Jonah: “What I Got Wrong About Fascism”

- The New York Times’ Jan 6 reconstruction

- Stanford’s problematic dining halls

- Jonathan Haidt on our uniquely stupid decade

- Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park

- Marvel’s Kiss comic book

- Damnation Alley

- The Remnant with Mike Gallagher