May 11, 2021 • 1HR 6M

Kitchen Sync Realism

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Newly minted AEI fellow Klon Kitchen joins Jonah today for an uber-wonky discussion of foreign policy and cybersecurity. The pair explore how the U.S. should respond to recent cyber attacks, the merits of Section 230, and the distinction between dumb and smart hawkishness in national security. Should we revive letters of marque? Can Jonah ever discuss China without cursing Tom Friedman? And will Klon’s love of all things canine lead him to join the fabled pantheon of Remnant regulars?

Show Notes:

-The Kitchen Sync

-The colonial pipeline hack

-Letters of marque and the Constitution

-Defending forward

-Jonah: “We’re not ‘competing’ with China. But politicians love to make that claim.”

-Jonah’s dear friend Tom Friedman on overpopulation