Mar 17, 2021 • 1HR 23M

Migrant Surge at the Border

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In a St. Patrick’s Day edition of The Dispatch Podcast, Sarah, Steve, Scott, and Declan start off today’s discussion with the ongoing migrant crisis at the border. Plus, the gang explains how while most of the conservative world was talking about Dr. Seuss and Pepe le Pew, Democrats jammed through the biggest advancement of the welfare state since LBJ’s administration. Scott points out, “When you really dig into the details you see Democrats laying the groundwork for a very substantial increase in the welfare state, and in ways that Democrats have long wanted.” And, what’s the fallout after a Biden administration official actually spoke strongly against the North Korean regime?

Show Notes:

-The latest GOP attack on Biden has a huge hole in it - Greg Sargent/Washington Post 

-Four people matching terror watchlist arrested at border - Axios

-'Migrant president' Biden stirs Mexican angst over boom time for gangs - Reuters

-Leaked NRSC polling data on immigration

-Scott’s latest Capitolism newsletter

-Conservatives Drift Leftward in the Plan to Rescue America - Ryan Streeter

-Biden officials comments on North Korea 

-Biden Risks Repeating Mistakes of the Past if He Ignores the Evidence on Iran - The Dispatch

-Declan’s TMD item on filibuster reform

-Scott’s “Gridlock is good!” newsletter

-The Dispatch March Madness Tournament