Apr 9 • 54M

My Kind of Town

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Jonah’s still in Chicago for today’s Ruminant, and he isn’t terribly comfortable with the pre-summer weather. Still, severe cold in spring is less frustrating than our political dysfunction, and Jonah has plenty to discuss on that front. After exploring the distinction between disinformation and misinformation and the state of American media bias, he turns to the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, Florida’s controversial education bill, and why misusing the term “groomer” is both immoral and tactically foolish for Republicans. Ready your bingo cards for a predictably freewheeling ride.

Show Notes:

- The Remnant with Megan McCardle

- Jonah on disinformation at the UChicago Institute of Politics

- Soviet disinformation

- The paradoxes of media bias

- Jonah on the Kavanaugh allegations

- Anne Applebaum’s UChicago panel

- Anne Applebaum on Hunter Biden’s laptop

- David French: “Against the ‘Groomer’ Smear”

- The Remnant with Adam White

- How Title IX became a political weapon