Jun 24, 2021 • 43M

Austere Religious Scholarship

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On today’s Remnant, recorded in the wilds of Oklahoma, Jonah once again attempts to fuse the weekend Ruminantformat with that of a supplemental episode. He begins by elaborating on his pro-life views and what abortion law would look like if he were made czar for a day. Afterward, a nerdtastic dive into the morass of intellectual history begins, as Jonah uses an extract from The Tyranny of Clichés (which is still available from all good book sellers, hint-hint) to explore what separation of church and state really means in American life. Tune in not just to hear Jonah’s patented progressive-bashing, but to either commend or correct his pronunciation of a certain troublesome name.

Show Notes:

-The Wednesday “news”letter

-Biden’s Catholic quandary

-Moynihan on partial-birth abortion

-Locke’s “A Letter Concerning Toleration”

-Don’t burn the witch

-JFK (or possibly Mayor Quimby) and Catholicism

-Mario Cuomo’s Notre Dame speech

-Jonah’s deep affection for Richard Ely

-Barack Obama, arbiter of sin

-Seinfeld on spite