Aug 31 • 1HR 18M

Over the Limit

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It’s a Dispatch crossover on today’s Remnant, as Sarah Isgur returns to the program to explore the aftermath of the Mar-a-Lago raid, the meaning of executive privilege, and whether this situation can be compared with the Hillary Clinton email controversy. There’s also an extended discussion of child-rearing and the neuroscience of motherhood prompted by a recent New York Times op-ed. Oh, and a look at Sarah’s strange relationship with spiders.

Show Notes:

- Who gets to classify (and declassify) government secrets?

- Chelsea Conaboy: “Maternal Instinct Is a Myth That Men Created”

- Caroline Criado-Perez’ Invisible Women

- Radiolab’s “The Unsilencing”

- The Remnant with Paul Bloom

- Paul Bloom’s Just Babies

- James Q. Wilson’s The Moral Sense