May 11 • 1HR 9M

Paying Up

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Beth Akers, senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, joins The Remnant for extreme wonkery on student debt and the economics of higher education. Why have the Democrats become so fixated on the issue of forgiving student loan debt, and can a moral argument be made for forgiveness? Furthermore, are most graduate programs pointless? How can we fix America’s universities? And can anyone match Jonah’s raw disdain for journalism schools?

Show Notes:

- Beth’s page at AEI

- Beth’s first book, Game of Loans

- Beth’s latest book, Making College Pay

- Beth on why student loan cancellation will backfire

- Jonah ruminates on student debt

- The Remnant with Alex Tabarrok 

- Bryan Caplan’s The Case Against Education

- Bryan on Beth’s podcast, “An Economist Goes to College”

- Bryan on the Remnant

- WSJ: “The Elite Master’s Degrees That Don’t Pay Off”