Jun 20, 2020 • 1HR 11M

Radical Romantic Rebellions

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Why are politicians so reluctant to take responsibility for the history of their own ideas? Everything from the minimum wage to community policing has a sordid past if you just look back far enough, and Jonah thinks that putting on your partisan blinders only for the specific policies you happen to dislike leads to bad outcomes. In this particularly chaotic era of American politics, Jonah points out evidence of this sort of thing happening everywhere.

Show Notes:

-The Problem With Claiming That Policing Evolved From Slave Patrols

-This week's G-File

-The Blue Eagle program

-The New Republic’s… interesting piece… on canceling conservative books

-The Bolton book, preorder before the DOJ gets to it

-An early Remnant with Matt Continetti, with talk about neoconservatism

-ScoutandZoes.com, promo code DINGO at checkout

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