Mar 5, 2020 • 1HR 3M


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Does our culture need to become more nationalistic? What about reorienting our society towards “the highest Good,” as defined by your religion of choice? Stephanie Slade, managing editor at Reason, doesn’t think so, but she brings a unique perspective that many other libertarians don’t: she’s also a practicing Catholic. In this episode, Stephanie explains how she balances these two commitments that, on the surface, seem at odds with one another. Jonah also picks a fight with her about drug ads on primetime television.

Show Notes:

-Stephanie’s piece for Reason on nationalism

-Stephanie’s piece on balancing her Catholicism and libertarianism

-Stephanie on the Roman Circus podcast

-The peak of the French-Ahmari Wars

-The Free State Project

-Free will in the Catechism

-Randolph Bourne on the “Health of the State”

-Jonah on Nick Gillespie’s Reason Interview

-Bellamy’s Children

-Daniel Burns on liberal practice versus liberal theory

-Yoram Hazony’s beef with classical liberalism

-Trump calling himself a nationalist

-Beer: just as important as the Epic of Gilgamesh

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