Aug 11, 2020 • 1HR 4M

Talking Left, Walking Right

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Throwing recent rank punditry onto the back burner, Jonah speaks with his AEI colleague and UVA Professor Brad Wilcox, whose memory for statistics crashed over us in a refreshing wave of sheer competency. Tune in for a discussion of marriage, the concept of “family diversity,” and the three things Brad would do if he suddenly became Czar of America.

Show Notes:

-Brad’s page at AEI

-Nicholas Christakis’ most recent book

-Kevin E. Stuart on his baseball studies

-Most NBA players grew up in a two-parent household

-Brad Wilcox on elites not preaching what they practice

-Ross Douthat on, among other things, liberalism’s method of undercutting the married-parent household

-Some of Brad’s work on marriage vs. cohabitation

-The Disparate Effects of Family Structure

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