Jul 16 • 1HR 8M

Terms of Engagement

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July’s drive-time Remnant extravaganza is here, and it’s as deprived of substance as you’d expect. Wedding proposals, cruises, road trips, and other offbeat subjects are all discussed at unnecessary length, but a modicum of serious punditry is also mixed in on the upcoming midterms and the potential for a Trump re-election campaign announcement. Plus, tune in to hear Jonah detail his bygone days as an opera supernumerary and the rebranding of Bloggingheads.tv.

Show Notes:

- What’s Next Summit Tickets

- Last month’s drive-time

- Guy’s Kiss trip

- Breezewood, PA

- The Daily on the James Webb Space Telescope

- Bad strategy

- Nonzero, formerly Bloggingheads.tv

- The SmartLess podcast

- The Dispatch Podcast on the James Webb Space Telescope

- Ruy Teixeira joins AEI