Feb 26, 2021 • 1HR 13M

The Neo-Whigs

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Fellow Dispatcher Declan Garvey joins Jonah on today’s program, wherein they discuss the parallels between the GOP’s current identity crisis and the last time that Americans witnessed a similar party realignment (the Whigs vs. Jacksonian Democrats). The guys discuss the prospects for a theoretically ascendant third party - “The people I spoke to said, ‘Yeah, I’d be happy to belong to a party that addressed my concerns even if I knew it might lose in the short term,’” says Declan - as well as early 2024 contenders and the validity of the “Red Dog Democrat” theory.

Show Notes:

-Declan’s page at The Dispatch

-“Hey, egghead, sing ‘Fair Harvard!’”

-Declan: “Is it Time for the Republican Party to Split Apart?”

-Steve Scalise won’t say the election wasn’t stolen

-Trump’s attack on Mitch McConnell

-Republican loyalty to Trump

-Mitt Romney says Trump is already a 2024 frontrunner

-Maine and Alaska should watch out for unintended consequences

-Bill Kristol: “What About Joe?”

-Tim Miller: “The Trade: Meet the New Red Dog Democrats”

-Mitt Romney and Tom Cotton propose a minimum wage hike