May 31 • 1HR 53M

The Remnant 500th Episode Spectacular

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At long last, the Remnant-palooza celebrating Jonah’s 500th episode is here for your listening pleasure. Recorded live at the American Enterprise Institute before a crowd of Dispatch devotees, the episode features two panel discussions featuring three of the program’s most cherished guests. To begin, Sen. Ben Sasse joins Jonah for an hour of high-minded eggheadery, covering the merits of Bigfoot erotica, the loss of a common American culture, and how we can heal the political wounds caused by populism and negative polarization. Then, Chris Stirewalt and A.B. Stoddard take the stage for rank punditry on the midterm elections and what we can expect from the next presidential election. Finally, Jonah fields questions from the audience, greets a special guest, and offers a few words of appreciation for those who’ve made The Remnant so successful. It’s been a weird and wonderful journey to 500 episodes, and we’re grateful to you all for sharing it with us.

Show Notes:

- The Remnant’s first episode

- Jonah on mandatory voting

- Renaming natural gas

- There he goes again…

- A.B.: “Trump - Maker of Clusters, Not Kings”

- Chris on the prospect of Trump 2024

- Yuval Levin: “Trump Party or Trump Faction?”